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Neil Price

IT Consultant

"The content was exactly what I was after. It's given me a really strong base and the confidence in the cryptocurrency industry to make some sound investments"

Colin Bruce

Art Gallery Events Planner

"I had a huge amount of holes in my knowledge base and didn't know how to fill them and fell into some traps along the way. After working with Joe I have realigned my investing standards, have an effective strategy and know how to confidently assess new opportunities."

What Challenges Are Most Cryptocurrency Investors Facing?

There’s no dispute that cryptocurrencies have been the HIGHEST performing asset class we have ever seen!

The truth is, even in a market that has outperformed all others 10 times over, many investors are still losing their hard earned money.

The Top 5 Challenges:

  • Not sure the best way to get started - Information overload.
  • The fear of being scammed or losing money.
  • No solid investment strategy in place - Not knowing how to get your money working for you.
  • No blueprint in place to consistently identify life changing opportunities from failing cryptocurrencies.
  • Limited time to apply - No automated systems in place, missing out on huge opportunities.

The Easy Way To Take Control Of Your Investments For A Massive Increase In Your ROI!

Having a proven system in place will increase your chances of safely creating life changing wealth 10 fold. Which is why ALL successful investors have one.

Why? It’s powerfully effective. Saving you endless hours that you will never get back and money wasted on poor investment decisions. Knowing that you are competing against other investors that have a solid strategy, what chances do you stand without one?

Far More Effective Than ‘Traditional’ Investment Courses

The 5 Pillar Process must be a part of your approach, because it takes advantage of the key success fact.

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Why Are So Many People Like You Investing In Cryptocurrencies?

With bitcoin being the highest performing asset we have EVER seen, many investors want to be at the forefront of this investment before the opportunity passes.

Comparing this return to other assets over the same 10 year period:

$100 invested in gold would have returned $51.90 in profit.

And taking the median house price in Melbourne, $100 invested would have returned $89.90 profit!

Data doesn’t lie…. Bitcoin has consistently performed year on year. Producing the lowest yearly return of 9.47% since 2012!

Not bad when you compare that to the returns of all other asset classes.

And that’s just Bitcoin….

There’s many other coins that are outperforming this asset. And part of The 5 Pillar Process teaches you the step by step process to uncover these BEFORE they take off.

Check out the returns on these coins.

That's 171% return.

Not in the last year.

Not in the last month.

But the last 24 hours!

Imagine making these kind of returns in a 24 hour period. This is unheard of!

Then There’s The Current Geopolitical And Economic Meltdown...

The perfect storm…. According to Ray Dalio, CEO of Bridgewater investments, managing $US150 Billion of assets and one of the greatest investors of all time, our current geopolitical and economic situation is worse than the times of the Great Depression of the 1930’s! That’s saying something!

The 'smart money' is positioning themselves to create life-changing wealth in the next economic collapse that’s just around the corner. Eliminating the risk from their current superannuation and investment set up and diversifying into an asset class that will explode once global recession has fully set in. There is more uncertainty than ever before, causing the intelligent investor to diversify, POWERFULLY.

What’s Happening In The World Right Now?


  • US and Iran are at war - Missile strikes!
  • US and China trade war
  • The wide spread impact of the Coronavirus - a 'Black swan event'?
  • Hong Kong is in recession, the first time in 10 years
  • Global riots and disruption is out of control!


  • Global interest rates reach all time lows (Negative across many countries).
  • The highest levels of money printing across major countries.
  • 60,000 bank job cuts globally (Deutsche bank 18,000, HSBC 10,000)!
  • Global debt reaches $US250 Trillion!
  • 4 Chinese banks collapse in 2019 - Results of fractional reserve lending (Fake money)

Many intelligent investors learnt from the 2008 global financial crisis and are positioning themselves to create wealth this time around….. You can too!

Here's Some More Success Stories...

How Do We Get Such Impressive Results?

Over the last few years our clients have provided incredible feedback, outlining how they achieved their goals not only in cryptocurrency, but other areas of their life too.

How have we achieved that?

It comes down to a few things…

Firstly – Our team has a combined experience of nearly 10 years in cryptocurrency. We've certainly had our fair share of ups and downs. Trust me when I say, we have seen it all. And these lessons are kindly passed on to our clients so they can save time and money!

Secondly – We focus on the secret sauce that gets overlooked. We help investors develop as individuals and create new standards which in turn dramatically increases profitability.

Thirdly – And probably the most important part, we deploy our non-complex 5 Pillar Framework to our clients – The ultimate guide to SAFELY creating WEALTH in cryptocurrency. Simplicity is key to your success - This is at the core of what we teach.

Mark Jackson

Transport Driver

"I'd invested into cryptocurrencies and made some mistakes. After doing the course it highlighted how much I didn't know and the process and procedures that's required to achieve the gains that are out there."

Mark Chandiram

Sales Consultant

"As much as I heard about the hype in cryptocurrency, I also heard about the risk. I didn't know where to go to get credible information to fast track my success. I now understand how the technology works and why it's relevant in todays world and will continue to be.

I now have a solid blueprint and structure on how to evaluate good and bad investment opportunities, giving me great confidence."

Founder & CEO

Joe Shew

Joe is the Founder and CEO of Crypto Consulting Institute, an organisation educating investors on how to safely navigate and maximise returns in cryptocurrencies. He has featured at various global events and on TV with Channel 9, Channel 10, Dollars With Sense TV, Barclays Bank London, Bitcoin Blockchain Fair, Blockchain Centre, Blockchain Australia.

His passion for financial markets began at the age of 12 when he executed his first trade on the London Stock Exchange, which lead to a career in the financial sector. After receiving a first class (Hons) finance degree from a London university, Joe continued his career in Australia and was recognised as a Top 10 global performer for Robert Half International (NYSE: RHI), a $US7 billion global consulting firm.

Joe discovered Bitcoin in 2014 and became obsessed with the technology and how it is changing the global financial landscape. He is now focused on helping others achieve their financial goals by applying his non-complex 5 Pillar Process that his clients have been using over the last few years to great success.

Let's Take A Quick Look At What's Included:

Safely Maximise Your Cryptocurrency Profits In 5 Simple Steps!

Non-complex content makes it easy for investors to create high return on investment. WITHOUT any previous investment experience!

A proven process 5 Pillar system laser targets your approach for ROI every time:

Get an outline of proven strategies that work for you to increase your ROI - there are MULTIPLE strategies for different levels so it’s simply choosing the right one for you and adjusting over time.

Simple risk minimisation process - our Masterclass makes it easy for you to understand how to have full control over your assets in the safest way possible - so you can confidently go and build your wealth!

Have a powerful foundation to spring-board from - with our advanced holistic approach, you can develop an unstoppable framework to accelerate your results!

Access an Investment Blueprint - to use over and over again to identify huge opportunities ahead of the market and get consistent outcomes.

We’re Not Done Yet…. Grab The Masterclass Now To Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Cryptocurrency Investment Checklist Printout

Gain access to a non-complex step by step checklist to use when analysing opportunities. Avoid investing in scams and identify high return projects!

This will allow for consistent results which every investor needs.

Cryptocurrency Taxation Document

This is ESSENTIAL to your success. Our tax advisory partners have created a simple tax document outlining the basics of what you need to know!

Be proactive and avoid any shocking tax bills!

Credible Research Links And Tools Access

Know where to go to access credible data that we use to help make informed decisions.

Use automated tools so that you NEVER miss an opportunity again, and focus your time on the things that will actually create wealth!

Partner Discount Links AND Free Cryptocurrency!

We have partnered up with some of the leading cryptocurrency businesses to bring you the BEST rates in the market!

They have also been kind enough to give away free cryptocurrency to get you started on your journey to success!

Exclusive Access To The Crypto Consulting Institute Private Community

Be part of a safe community of other like minded investors to share your thoughts and ideas.

This is not like most groups…. Everyone is educated as it’s only for the people that have accessed the Masterclass!

Who Is The Masterclass For?

Investors that are new to the world of cryptocurrency and want to position themselves powerfully. Getting their money working for them.

Investors wanting to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Intelligent investors wanting to diversify ahead of the next global financial crises!

Current cryptocurrency investors who want to gain a competitive edge and take their investing to the next level. So you can do what you want, when you want.


The Masterclass has been specially designed in a non-complex manner, and outlines all the things that you MUST KNOW to be a successful investor!

You can start with as little as $1. The investment amount is entirely up to you.

And the best part is you will get access to free cryptocurrency in the Masterclass to get you started!

Absolutely not. The Masterclass has been designed for investors of all levels. It breaks everything down step-by-step for you to achieve massive results. There’s no over complicated day trading techniques, just the sustainable and proven 5 Pillar Process.